Zombie Surgeon

Zombie Surgeon

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Perhaps this surgeon was bitten by a zombie on the operating table - because now they're one of the undead!

The classic green scrubs come as a top and trousers, both of which are torn at the edges and covered in blood; the chest also has a gruesome open wound, with printed stethoscope lying over it.

The Zombie Surgeon also comes with his own face mask - although given the bloodied state of it, it might not stop him from biting!

Age: 8-10 years
Height: 51-55" (128-140cm)
Chest: 26-28" (65-71cm)
Waist: 23-25" (58-62cm)
Age: 10-12 years
Height: 55-60" (140-152cm)
Chest: 29-31" (72-78cm)
Waist: 25-26" (62-66cm)
100% Polyester
Top, Trousers & Mask
Do not wash

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