Dazzling Sequin & Jungle Walls

Turn your event into a spellbinding affair with our captivating jungle and sequin walls. Available for half-day or full-day hire, these party perfect backdrops bring a playful and magical touch to any occasion. With a dazzling array of colours, our sequin walls will make your event truly stand out while our jungle wall will be a real adventure for guests. Let the enchantment begin! Book now and create memories that shimmer with delight.

Looking for a freebie?

Every sequin and jungle wall rental from Sprinkle of Magic includes a complimentary neon sign of your choosing.

Happy Birthday, 40, Lets Party or Oh Baby

Sequin Wall Colour:

Effortlessly elegant, our champagne sequin wall exudes sophistication, adding a subtle touch of luxury to your event.

Sequin Wall Colour:

Soft and delicate, our vanilla sequin wall creates a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for romantic occasions or whimsical celebrations.

Sequin Wall Colour:
Matte Pink

Make a bold statement with our matte pink sequin wall. Its muted hue adds a modern twist to your event while maintaining a playful charm.

Sequin Wall Colour:
Matte Ice Silver

Embrace a cool and contemporary vibe with our matte ice silver sequin wall. Its sleek appearance adds a touch of modern sophistication to any setting.

Sequin Wall Colour:
Mirror Silver

Reflect elegance and glamour with our mirror silver sequin wall. Its mirror-like surface shimmers and shines, creating a striking focal point for your event.

Sequin Wall Colour:

Bring the beauty of nature to your event with our eucalyptus sequin wall. Its serene green shade adds a fresh and vibrant touch, perfect for outdoor or botanical-themed gatherings.

Sequin Wall Colour:
Rose Gold

Radiate warmth and luxury with our rose gold sequin wall. Its romantic hue adds a touch of glamour and creates a stunning backdrop for any occasion.

Sequin Wall Colour:
Rose Pink

Delight in the soft and romantic allure of our rose pink sequin wall. Its gentle blush tone evokes a sense of enchantment and adds a whimsical touch to your event.

Sequin Wall Colour:
Mirror Purple

Step into a realm of enchantment with our mirror purple sequin wall. Its captivating hue casts a magical spell, creating a mesmerising and vibrant backdrop for your event. Let your imagination soar with this mystical colour choice.

Jungle Wall

Immerse yourself in a lush paradise with our Jungle Wall. Surround your event with vibrant foliage and a sense of adventure. Let the exotic ambiance transport you to a tropical oasis, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


A half-day hire is £90. A full-day hire is £150. Both prices include a neon sign for the duration of the hire.

A half-day hire is for up to 5 hours.

You can choose from Happy Birthday, 40, Let's Party and Oh Baby neon signs.

Yes of course! This will generate an extra charge of about £180 depending on what you are looking for. Please send us a message for options!

Please send us a message using the contact form below with your event date and start time.

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